4003-TAMRART W Repairing Mortar

White Repairing Mortar
كود المخزن: 90006202
3.75 (KWD)


Cementitious, polymer reinforced filling and repair

rendering for smoothening surface prior to painting.

Fields of Application

— Filling hairy cracks on and smoothening of the

surfaces of foamed cement, concrete, brick walls

prior to painting.

— Smoothening walls prior to restoration.

— Repairing wall and ceiling renders.

— Repairing old, damaged renders, concrete up to

1-5 mm.


— High adhesion strength.

— Smooth and solid surface.

— Easily paintable due to white color.

— Resistant to freeze and thaw.

— Applicable up to 1-5 mm thickness.

— Easily applicable.


— 5 kg polyethylene bag.

— 20 kg multi-ply paper bags.